we both woke up with an "oh, fuck"

just a quick little update because some people (carson) wanted to see these pretty badly. they're from a gdp show at 8 undergound from a week or so ago and it was also falla and bri's bday weekend. it was steve marino's bday too, but he wasn't here. and there's no pics from that night due to an undetermined drunk incident which led to the disappearance of all photographs (aka some drunk girl deleted everything on my camera). anyhow here ya go:

hey falla, what's that on the wall?

"i guess steve got his own stickers made up." love ya man.

yuk face.

the always glorious looking jersey couple made an appearance with some dudes from kentucky.

these glasses came out of nowhere.

and then we got slop:


a lot of biting and licking went on for some reason.

jersey dave and kentucky dude approved.

andrew with kentucky dude.

bday lap dance.

vamp marks.

another bday lap dance haha.

and then gdp rap rap rapped away.

dude was killin it.

andrew doesnt dance.

and you can't see but this is andrew pulling on the biggest branch ive ever seen and falling on the ground. im talkin full car length branch here. or maybe i was just drunk.

shameless self plug:
been recording some songs with greg a lot. i think our name is TILES? not sure. anyhow, here's what recording at gregs turns into after a healthy dose of jim beam:

pretty ghetto rigged. anyhow, check out our new songs


whelp, see ya later. more updates soonly. too tired.

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