i call it the silver eagle in the rim of an 18 wheeler

one time andrew and i drove to raleigh to skate with brett and scotty, but we just sat in these awesome chairs and made jokes for a whole day while people jumped down a giant staircase. i am completely content with our decision. i think we had way more fun.




so this isnt nearly as cool as what spice has been posting, but hopefully cool things can come of it.

our first time playing in front of people we don't know who aren't in our living room. ill be showing photographical things as well. love you hens and henettes.

grape soda tuesday

i think this is more effective if i post the photos separately as to evoke the emotion that comes with the memory of a certain period in time, like that week or so a couple mays ago when we had a couch in the backyard and the quarterpipe was still around and we drank grape soda on tuesdays and everyone was still friends and we barbecued every day...  
 so i will continue unless i hear any objection.


"we are so flipping this table upside down"

"you'd better not"

"face it. we're flipping it"


"you guys are weirding me out"


somehow, i got onto my old broken computer. bubba made this for me around 2004. i will be posting more. there's gold on here.


check out big tash in this month's vogue. pg 332.
i hope you bought your old lady a hester dress for valentines day

shameless self plugs ahead

hey pals, just wanted to let you guys know about a few things going on. march 5-8 will be the grand opening of 303grand gallery in williamsburg, and seasick mama is putting on a weekend-long event that should be pretty rad. each artist will have their own t-shirt. i'll be showing my photos on friday night, and saturday night beer girls will be playing (i think/hope). so come out, buy a shirt, and drink some free beer. should be a great time.

I've got a photo posted up at King Shit from my trip to greece. Peep dat here: http://kingshit.org/article.php?entry_id=181 There's a bunch of other good stuff up there too. If you were a fan of Big Brother magazine when it was out, then you'll appreciate some of the content from Nieratko and Dave Carnie that goes up from time to time. Good stuff.

hmm what else. oh yah, my solo show at Division East is going to be on April 4th so mark your calendars. I'll be showing a bunch of unseen photos form my days at midland, and we'll also be releasing two t-shirts. You won't be disappointed in them.

see ya friends

let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel


start off the day with a sort of mutual quote from Bohner and Cus:
"I don't care what movie you put on as long as it has to do with Outer Space and/or Hell. You know what's good."

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


forchen cookie

got this fortune cookie today:
"Your principles mean more to you than any money or success."

kind of weird considering my current views on my job


from the vault

ive been digging through some old photos recently. some of these are about three years old i'd say. that being said, sick jerks has been around for a while so you might've seen one or two of these before.

gary. from a riot trip upstate. we were lost trying to find some backwoods skatepark we were doing a demo at. eventually we found it, got drunk, ran around with farm animals, and then kicked in the windows of some abandoned car in the woods. fun times.

breakfast at midland. pretty sure thats eric in the hoodie with baker in the background. and i may be wrong but i think thats brett abramsky on the right.

these are from another riot trip up to montreal. we didnt go to any scheevy strip clubs or get in cabs with prostitutes on this trip, but it was still a good time. i remember dave being super psyched on this shirt.

this spot was all sorts of fun. dave does a sweet fakie flip at the end of this line.

filming talk. i miss riot trips, they were always a good time. reunion trip?

double exbrosure. film>digital

marino at an ed templeton photo show.

this is mike's dog casey. she's the best. i haven't seen her in a while, she's pretty old nowadays but she's still living it up.

im glad i found these. where you at stevehen?


puttin in work

If you go to your local newsstand/skate shop/book store, and see something canadian that kind of looks like this:

Then you should spend 8 dollars and buy it because a two page spread of this is on the inside:

the marsh-skegs connection comes through again. also, marino, if you're reading this: a. im jealous of how much film you have stocked up, b. i should've came on the trip, and c. i hope you're warm down there. it's 20 degrees and windy today!

keep it movin, hens and henettes


all photos taken by brad westscott last summer

and i quote

"whats seventeen times four?" -mike
"I dont know, I was never good at long division." -me

apparently im not very good at thinking either.