Square Film my face

Steve Marino has a new clip up on his site, Square Films (peep the link to the right). Steve is one of the only brave ones to actually cross over the hudson to come to Midland to party. We salute you Steve. Maybe you can run a shuttle service to our crib or something.

Oh yea Dan V broke our lamp in our living room and we are not happy.


twenty one ?

happy birthday jersey jesus
now go buy me beer


the headstones climbed up the hills

Baker beat me in pool, 9 games to 1. i only won once because he scratched on the eight ball

living room


"watch out for the bears in the forest"

sticker battle

dirty old town

ax throwers banner

i know its a little late, but goodbye dv
and goodbye O st.


my last day in seaside

Justin White!

Alex Turan!

Jason Lee!


84 Midland Ave

Beer spitting, BBQ-ing, piss drinking, stomach slapping...good times...


oh college life

College life at 84 Midland Ave. makes my insides look like this. It is epic.