i am a rich man

"this is the best song ever written, billy"

dans banned from mblock after this night

new brunswick free trains

which one is shape ?

gymnastics moves lead to broken glasses

...and then i met my best friend, moses

but andrew calls him jason kidd...


i thought vans were sneakers

now, ive heard about this song before. but never actually lsitened to it. so sure enough, last week the cd showed up on my desk at work and i had a listen. i really dont know what to say other than the song is hilarious. are they just tryin to get a big check from vans? is this a joke? do vans really make you flyer than a space ship? i would post all the lyrics but we all know im too lazy to do that. just know this:

"i dont give a fukk, yea ya boy rock slip ons
But I bet i'll snatch ur chick wit my got damn vans on
Holla at cha boy, but i can tell ya where i got these
Vans don't cost G's, real niggas wear these vans"



spice gettin dubs on his 50-50.
school 11 line

spice skating the funnest thing at school 11. the pool.



some photos from the past month or two...or three. You can expect some updates of what happened last week, 3 weeks from now. We're on a different time schedule over here.

scott friend with a new friend.

ed templeton photo show.

marino and jeremy.

photog friends: zach malfa, myself, allen and alec.

yes, this is cat giving antwuan dixon a shottie.

mmm dinner. we eat so well at m-block.

went to philly for the few and far between premiere. great video.

darren wound up losing his pants somehow.

andrew seeing sparks. good ol' bedroom eyes is at it again.

5boro japan was in town. dave had a good time.

this lady makes me want to stay in bed for days. yes to sleep, you sickos.

jackie almost made out with dan v one night.

must've been his sweet dance moves.

dave dowd had a good time.

had family beer pong night. team sabrini.

vs. team spice

New Visivo Projects show is coming up in January in Philly. I'll let you know the details as soon as things are finalized.

Stay warm.


i guess its video update time. heres footy from a recent road trip featuring mark ennis, andy, and dan v
ripped jeans. no problem.

baker ollieing the rail at school 11 with a huge hole in the crotch
bill spice

heres a video of bill from a sesh at school 11 a couple weeks ago with baker, andy, steve and friends.

front board to manual sen.