As you may or may not know/care, im in a band. Our name is Beer Girls. I play keyboard and random percussion stuff. These are extremely rough recordings we did in my living room while we were drunk, and we have no bassist as of right now, so that's why it might sound a little empty at times. Just figured I'd give you guys something to do on this slushy (if you're in the city) or snowy (if you're in the burbs) day. Oh, and even though it says Brooklyn in the profile, don’t pass it off as "hipster" shit, its pretty opposite. I'll see you when I see you, friends

Beer Girls


this is gonna be weird but...

epitaph for my heart. song writing at its best.


i don't know if anyone remembers it or cares, but i recently uploaded word to the wise onto my youtube account. it was a video i finished in 2006 that barely saw the light of day. i don't know if you'd call it laziness or anxiety, but i made about 10 copies on dvd. check it out.

full parts from bubba heckman, sean baker, jersey dave, and me.
plus a friends part with everyone from joe griff to willy akers to anthony villa.



same as it ever was

a repost from 06.26.06

Bottles, pints, shots, cans
Couches, floors, drunk best friends
Models, whores, tattooed hands
Cities, secrets, cats, vans
Good times, laughter, bad decisions
Strippers, actors, average musicians
Mornings after and walks of shame
The bartender knows me by my real name


from our more fortunate friends in san francisco. someone fed ex me a burrito, i'll pay you back.

"willyfreshh (2:49:22 PM): Bs 180 nosegrinds hiding hubbas
willyfreshh (2:50:12 PM): Beer and burritoes every meal"

"Before I left my parents had to throw my old socks in a bag and spray it to throw them out"

and i quote

"if i were a little kid i'd hate you"
-justin to jersey dave

"sometimes i try to live the dream, but sometimes the dream lives me"


whelp, its 5:30 and my eyes are tired, whattya know. i just tried updating but blogger sucks, I had coffee for lunch again today. my garbage can is full of coffee cups. If you're reading this from San Francisco...i hate you. That includes you rozbo.

see ya kids


road trip

This lovely lady and I are road tripping across the country for the next 2 weeks.