I've Lost My Wisdom

Cus and I have been skating alot over the past few days, but now since I got my 4 wisdom teeth taken out I'm wallowing in my own filth. In my spare time I made this clip of Cus and I skating Sayreville and Cus has a trick at Maple Shade in there too. Enjoy!

alcoholic synonymous

sorry for the lack of updatage as of late. i figured this photo was more than enough to hold everyone off until we make a big post.

hurry home graham!
if this wasn't enough, you should probably head over to http://www.5boro.blogspot.com/ and take a look at the crazyness from saturday night. if i don't see you later, i'll see you another day.


411 meets Midland

Go to 411vm.com and check out footy of our lovely ramp.

click -- May 29 - Global Tombonation -- Backyard Burnside



dream of golden skans

i was looking through some flicks and saw some photos that have been sitting around and haven't been used for one reason or another. so i figured i may as well show em here.

jersey dave: front lip

scott friend-front rock

nick sassa: ollie into bank

andy: front smith and front 5-0 at the dowd residence

scott friend: back 5-0

sassa: 50-50

will nagle: 5-0

i also really wish that i was outside and skating instead of staring at a stupid computer screen for 8 hours. oh yea, midland fest this sunday?

"an unbelievable cluster fuck"

Those are the words Rob Dyrdek used to describe what it's like trying to get a skate plaza built. I recently had to do an interview with Rob Dyrdek and Big Black. It's pretty crazy the amount of crap Rob has going on and is still managing to film for the new Alien Workshop video. And i thought i was juggling a lot of things between drinking, work, and shooting photos. Check it out if you're interested. I'll post some questions that i couldn't fit in at a later date.

Rob & Big Interview



We got our photo taken with some model, no big deal.


slop city

lifes been pretty good on the block, so here's what's been going on. we also just put a counter on the site, so don't think we only have 100 hits after over year.
we were supposed to do a boner bolts demo at small empire, which we thought was just going to be a normal demo. turns out we were supposed to skate at something called"skate or die fest". yea, exactly.

we had to park in a parking lot down the street and take a shuttle there.

marshall holding up one of the boner bolts posters that we proceeded to hand out to 12 year old kids.

spice and marshall's faces when we saw what we were getting ourselves into.

the only good thing that came from this was that we got to see our friend john play drums and he rules.

spice focused his board after we got yelled at for skating flat outside. here's the conversation between me and the security guard:

security: you guys cant be skating out here like this, we're not liable if you guy get hurt, blahblahblah.
me: (chuckling)
security: is something funny here?
me: well kind of. you're telling us not to skate when it's "skate or die fest"
security: well go skate or die inside.

seems about right.

us not skating at skate or die fest.

these kids starting asking everyone for autographs.

and marshall wound up signing cell phones.

mike came up from philly to skate and fell on his face within 5 minutes.

usual night at midland.
marshall drank two bottles of wine in like 25 minutes or something.

hmm, whats going on in here?

"what up hennnnn"

and then marshall and steph proceeded to both ralph out of the bedroom window. marsh didnt quite make it there though.

side note: if you've never seen andy's blacked out tatoo, here it is.

then we went down to eagan's to visit purple germ working at the bar.

the next week bullymouth wanted to film a music video at our house. we promised them there would be a lot of people there, and this is how many people showed up:

funny how when you want people to come over noone shows up, and then on a random wednesday the house will be full of people i dont know. this was at around 2:00 and me and dan already started drinking.

filming. pad and shape look pretty cool here.

dan shredding with a boom box.

me and dan also had to do a little acting which was really funny. maybe well get to put it up here soon. by this point, i had already started to get sloppy and i left my phone on the back of pad's car. we found it in pices on the way to get more beer though.

people eventually showed up.

after that we went to a GDP and Shape show down the street. by this time i lost my keys as well.

the girl all the way on the right had her cleavage pierced. yes, her cleavage. that's foley's face on the bottom of the photo.

in case you havent noticed, shape and gdp shows are really fun. when we got back to the house at 3, i found out that my ipod had also been stolen. so the final equation is:

15 hours of drinking + being a careless sloppy mess= broken cell phone, lost keys, and a stolen ipod

rizzo and bill on a random day that rizzo bought $125 worth of food for us.

the man.

which then brings us to random new brunswick night for a party at JJ's.

fun car ride.

being civil.

when we got there it was just JJ sleeping by himself on the couch. so andy and sean decided to take rides down the stairs, and in general, make a mess.

andy goin head first.

sean found a coors light surf board.


and then he gave the mud slinger a try.


andy opening a frothy one.


"if anyone broke this it was god"

bill was, you know, being bill and hangin out.

and then we decided to try and move him. when i mean him, i mean bill and the whole couch he was sitting on.

"we need to make him mobile!"

spice still sitting there.


darren took the broken bike for a ride.

and sean decided to throw it at a car across the street.

this was our que to leave.

darren singning with his eyes closed, drinking, and texting on the ride home.

good night.