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too little, too late

now that we're moving out at the end of the month, i guess it's too late to pass this article out to our neighbors:

9 smart tips on how to handle nasty neighbors.

i think it's safe to say we can fit under the following categories:

the racket maker: screaming moms, fighting spouses, horn honking and tire squealing drivers, loud music fanatics and late-night partiers

the slob: like one who lets the grass grow, puts trash out days in advance, and leaves garbage cans unlocked

the careless pet owner

the extreme weirdo: drunks, drug dealers, and the neighbor that never says anything

definitely a good read because its all too true.

that was great!!! YEAH!!!


won't let another summer pass me by

have any of you guys ever blogged before? good, don't do it. its tedious as hell. especially when youre like me and try and make an attempt at posting 200 photos in one post. well, it didnt work so heres some shit thats been going on the past week or so.
went to go see handsome furs (dan from wolf parade's side project) at mercury lounge. i posted a song over yonder in the music player. i also posted a Beirut song that is amazing to say the least. Sometimes it's not so bad to pour a little salt in the wound.
we started the night off with some filth.

this is what shots of whiskey look like at mars bar. cups i tell you, cups. this bar is a complete shit hole. its basically a hallway with graffiti all over the place and no lights on the inside. only the lights from outside light the place up. needless to say its a great bar, and those "shots" only cost 4 bucks.

signs to look out for to know if erik and greg are drunk. erik: red face. greg: eyes cant stay open.

slop. my sparrows have also begun to grow back over my ears.

greg with another attempt at keeping eyes open.

he did it! notice how his eyes look normal but you can tell how hard he's trying by how raised his eyebrows are.

and then erik stole a bottle of whiskey from the pakced bar at mercury lounge. noone even noticed or said anything. of course erik thought it was normal though.

some good ol kentucky gentleman.

"erik do you remember taking anything from the bar last night?"
"no, what bar?"
great night.

pad likes playing big buck hunter at tierneys.

summertime things. these heinekegs have been showing up way too often.

came back to the house from one of my first sober nights in a while to andy doing this.

and butt and dan v doing this.

went to joes ramp for a bbq/pool sesh. vogo has a stache now.

he borrowed my shoes for 10 minutes and now i can smell them whenever i wear them.

butt's real classy.

willy's home!

GDP release party at Division East. Pad's been lookin pretty grizzly lately. Way too into Big Buck Huner.

gabe's shirt was awesome.

andrew posed as arm candy for the night.

jersey david.

rap rap rappin away.

scene outside the shop afterwards. must've heard the words "back to 84 midland" about 20 times from people who i had no idea who they were. some unexpected characters came by afterwards...we'll just leave it at that.

another GDP release event. this time at park underground, aka shit hole central #2.
" because i rhyme to your heartbeat"

mr. gorgeous was hypemanning.

a moshpit broke out during one of gdp's songs and people where throwing beer around. good times.

for some reson i dont have any photos of the party after the show except for these two.

you can tell it was a good night.


quit harshing my mellow, brah

Sorry for the lack of updatage lately, the internet at the house has been non existant for a while, so i have to make updates while im "working" in my cube. Here's a video of Brian Foley that i found while lurking the interneck. Butt's been killing it for quite some time.


Michale Graves vs. Brendan Kelly

Here's a segment from The Daily Show that was aired a little while ago. It features Michale Graves from the Misfits and Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms. Some funny stuff.