they will rise from the dust

justins roomate jeannie brought us to the rooftop of her workplace in brooklyn


i like peace king

i love revs


ladies like scott friend


dan v slipped on the beer soaked floor and sliced open his arm on the broken glass coating

notice the butterfly bandage on the forearm and the bandana around the wrist


Premiere Breath




skate demo. come see serious shredboarding.
click on the flyer so you can read it


The Hype Machine

Tommorow night, come out for a good time. For those of you who weren't at the last art show, here's some flicks of the Pretty Much Ok Wowza show from last month. Needless to say it was an amazing time. Hopefully Dan V can be the photographer for the night again. Here's some photos of mine that I never posted.

Packed shop. Outside was quite ridiculous as well.

some alex duke work. farting and butt dust.

Some J White stuff in the display case. I know he made bank that night.

Here's the lovely photos that Dan V took.

See you guys tommorow night. Come early enough and you might get some free brews out of it. If we run out there's a store accross the street so no worries.


Happy Anniversary

This summer marks the tenth year that I've been skateboarding. It seems like it was just yesterday that I bought my first board from Caldor (I know you remember Caldor). In the past couple months, I’ve come to the realization that for almost half of my entire life I’ve been fixated with these wooden things called skateboards. It’s crazy how a piece of wood can have such an impact on your life, but it only seems crazy to the people who don’t know. To us, it’s the norm. I’ve traveled to so many different places, met so many different people, and have seen so much great skating happen before my eyes, that I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the last ten years. Because of skateboarding, I’ve made friendships that will probably last a lifetime, and with that alone I am forever thankful for picking up a skateboard. This also makes me realize how much my life would probably suck if I had never met the people who are there for me day in, and day out. So I would like to take this time to say thank you to skateboarding, and an even bigger thank you to my friends. Who knows where we’ll be in the future, but chances are skateboarding will have something to do with it. Here’s to another ten years.

*this is a photo of me skating, back in 1998 i think. dc's and big pants sen.



back from raleigh, here's some photos from the week

we ate at taco bell 49 times

justin threw up 2 out of 3 times eating at armadillos

starting the night off right

i think this is brett but i cant really tell

bramsky the champksy!

justin and kevin decided to start drawing on these peices of wood in the middle of a party. it was awesome

youre ugly!!! deal with it.

since it was so hot out, we skated mostly at night time. some nights until 8am.

thank you to tombo for letting us borrow his generator and lights

i love you scotty. (mars + earth = ears)


Oh Fark Yeah!!! Happiness comes easy with these things.

anywhere is home when i'm with...you


Lousy Pictures

Friday July 21st, Division East and Visivo Projects present Lousy Pictures. I don't need to explain much more because it says it all in the flyer, but I'm psyched because it's the first show that Visivo will be curating, and everyone in the show has some really sick stuff. Hope I don't pull my hair out between now and the 21st, so bare with me if I'm a stressful mess. We're also working on Red Bull sponsoring the event...Jager bombs anyone? See you there.


Oh snap

Went on an amazing road trip through Ohio, skated some amazing parks and spots, and ate at some amazing places. Drove two and half hours away to a Sonic when I arrived home with someone totally awesome (cough stef cough), which was equally as amazing. Whoopi Pie is coming out on July 29th....you all better be there.



Go Skateboarding Day! (Part 2)

So here's the second half of the photos, I thought I had more, but nope. Oh, I forgot to mention in the last blog that I absolutely hate shooting at the banks. It's shady then sunny, then shady and sunny, fuck that shit. I hope you enjoy these.

So when we last left off we were at the TF. But these photos are from Houston. So again with this out of order nonsense.

This is what the scene at Houston looked like. Hectic. Everyone trying to skate the bump over the can.

Rob Campbell pushing. Oh, and real quick can we talk about the size of these photos? What the fuck. I guess that's what you get for having a free blog site.

Almost scraped my lens on these shots. For all you Agro heads out there: Yes, I know these are ass shots.

Everyone else was doin it, so I followed Matt Rzeszutko on this one.

Fish-eye friends.

Media, media, media.

So that's all for Go Skateboarding Day flicks. The rest of the day was full of 40 drinking, adn trying to shoot photos on the mini with about 25 other people on the deck. No fun. Hence the 40 drinking. But before I go, get to know this:

Look out for our first art show 2 weeks from friday (july 21st) at Division East. Flyer up soon.