chocolate for art fags

This shit is off the wall.....or should I say ON the wall! (athank you). Stop motion animation MADNESS! Keep watching cuz it gets crazier as it goes on.

Awesome Stop Motion Wall Animation - Watch more free videos

need no carpet on my floor

i've been listening to johnny and the moon a bunch lately, and one of the best things that it made me think about was the kitchen table. who knows how many hours were spent sitting around the table doing absolutely nothing but drinking beer, talking shit, and pretending to do work. i posted green rocky road over yonder in the jerk player.

lots of filth being made.

classic midland meal.

it was also good to dance around.

but dan v passing out under it was possibly the best thing to go down at the table.

next post will probably be the dan pensyl roast (wasn't that like 3 months ago?), jersey dave's bday, and the scion art show. see you sonner.

vote for fred

head over to clicheskate.com and vote for fred gall to be the new gypsy king. do it i say.


bring with you a photograph machine

sick jerks has been kind of drunk lately. there's been an overload of the drunk photos and silly things (not a bad thing at all), and i realize i never really post any of my "normal" everyday photos. you might have seen some of these at one point or another. just think of this as a little detox.

yes i got to shoot photos of paris hilton one night. long story.



So my friend found "The Skateboard Kid" VHS for a buck at the movie store. Besides Dom Deluise voicing a sass-talking magical skateboard, not as good as I remember it. However in the previews I came across this little gemstone. I got my geek on and found out it was never released to the public, just a trailer. Too bad they ruined it years later with that lame remake with jessica who's her face....meehhhh


grab the sun and drink its blood in cups

the harvest of lady datura

Cattle graveyard

Hey Kids!

Welcome to Uncle Wallys Krazy Klip Zone!!!™ Bringing yous guys a new Ka-razy Klip each day to keep you guys yuckin at work, school, home....WHEREVER!!! Well... gotta fly....Stay Kraaaaaazy!!™

Wussy Skater Fight - Watch more free videos

Happy Yom Kippur/Rosh Hashanah/Jewish holidays are so hot right now

Here's Rozbo throwing down a hebrew hammer at your local temple:

Mazel Tov!


who knew what you could achieve with hand farts?

i didnt think it was possible to make Yakety Saks even funnier. thanks for the sweet find wallace.



I haven't had access to a camera for a long time, but I used Cus Route's camera and took some photos recently....

Cus and I moved into Midland this semester...he brought Sega, I brought THE GENIE

Only three weeks and we already have the mantle filled up...filthy.

The Chief would be so psyched on this one.

Thank you G. Wallace for the sweet shower curtain.

This makes a daily appearence in the garbage, way to go Cus...try and keep it hidden next time

Cus found this awesome Stencil in Spring Lake

On move in night, we went a little wild with some spray paint.

Some artwork for the new living room