king shit

there's this new online art magazine called king shit, run by the former editor of sbc magazine. they ran one of my photos from the day davy broke his arm. peep it here.
nieratko has some funny stuff in there too.

ill put some photos of some shit sometime soon. ive been too busy making my teeth crooked and generally being unhealthy.



throwaway hype from Bill Marshall on Vimeo.

Some throwaway stuff from whoopi pie 2 thrown together.
super8 davy lee
it'll come out once i have enough money to develop 8 rolls of super8


and i quote

"so you must be like, shitting all over the place, right?"
-greg asking a girl what it's like to be lactose intolerant

"i cant even take care of my own alcohol or make ice cubes, how am i supposed to have a kid?"