Twelve Patties

Stef and I gave each other burger challenges. She had to eat a quad stacker and I had to eat two quad stackers.

We succeeded in not only eating the burgers, but also in eating fries with ease.
If Stef is a MEAT-ivore, I must be a SUPER MEAT-ivore.


some loud thunder

on the train to ny for some st. patty's day drinkin

too goddamn cold out and we had to walk in the damn street

i look sooo irish compared to everyone else

eatin cold dog's with emily's sis

these flicks are from a little while ago but they're still awesome:

johnny and the moon sing-a-long. bill also has a penis in his ear.

steve started dancing with his pants off


me and emily had a little paint sesh

read the note. this is how i get chicks.

here's some epic videos from dance party night at midland. (excuse the spaces. im drinking brew and blogger sucks)


Lotta update

I found lots of pictures on my girlfriend's camera, so here they come.
A Marshall meal at its finest.
I swear we're not gay, just drunk.

"Dammit, I want to take a picture of this..errr."

Cus and I in heavy lurk mode on skate-tube.com, wack.

Stef got 57 brand bowling shoes, I was psyched.

She and I carved some pumpkins on Halloween, look similar, eh?

Found these sweet benches at a K-Mart at 1 in the morning.

AHH summer, many nights going out and shredding the gnar bar.

My mom bought Absinthe over the internet, so Stef and I tried some.
It kinda made me feel like a drug addict when I was preparing it.

Stef and her mom made me this head cake for my birthday, again I was psyched.

Being weird.

57 shot glass courtesy of Stef.

I don't remember this happening.

205 moment.

Everyone put on your drunk face.

I have been showing the guys from Element around to spots up here to film for their new video. Mike V, Dallas Rockvam, and Darrell Stanton, straight killing it.

Darrell mid-fs 360.

Mike V planning Mike V-ness as Lee DuPont lurks.

They killed the quarter in the back yard.

Darrell bs noseblunt.

Mike V 5-0 shuv into wooden hell.

Preparing for the gnar.

Dallas warming up at West Orange school.

Putting boards together.
Mike V behind the wheel, gullz.

Nick and I came home the first night to sloppy wingstahss...*

UPDATE* Darren just ate the filthy gelatin wing left behind for a week!

Darrell bumming.

MSU campus shredding.

Sick Jerk right here.

Check the footage.

Da Van.

Welp see ya later.