no relation

here's some photos from a trip to philly over the summer. little matt was with us and we came accross this james reres look alike. not only do they look alike, they have the same gear too. amazing.

matt also had his way with the ladies. come back from vegas you jerk.


so new jersey in new york it hurts

same pose as last post, different beer, different night, different person, and i dont have a pony tail. yet. flannel patterns are the new black. pregaming for meg ryans'(no, not the actress) 21st bday.

crowded elevator.

went to the village underground. ill band.

bathroom was pretty awesome. yes im pissing while taking this one. i swear ill drop my camera in the toilet one day.

cat and emily dancing. cat was your typical nj girl in nyc. sloppy drunk, mad loud, and dancing like there's no tommorow in a short skirt.

and spanking big black womens asses.

dancing continues. this is probably what it looked like for emily too. she ralphed in the bathroom 5 times. later that night was interesting, to make along story short i said "ny's finest my ass" to a bunch of cops. ahhh, i love/hate when guido nick comes out.

being stupid in the elavator the next day.

fast foward to this weekend.

me and scott "got her done" this weekend. i beleieve thats the term. maybe ill post the flicks up. maybe.


the good times are killing me

Life at midland is amazing to say the least. Booze and procrastinating are the norm for the house. Especially on nights like this.

Graham came back for the weekend from GA.

Andrew with some arm candy.

Dan V has the best dance moves.

chillin with dirty mike.
pbr pirate bill pierce.

been skating with scott friend shootin some flicks and eating wings with dolomite.

came accross this random metal band while walking to some art show rajni was DJing at with free wine and egg rolls. scott was feelin it. they were definitely no older than 13.

dj rajni.


spice with a pony tail. mad 90's grunge bassist.

that is all for now. its late and i have two anatomy tests this week. oh, and i havent bought the book yet.

see you.


crossed the deserts bare

justin in brooklyn

dan v and andrew wrestling around 2am(ish)


big germ

tried to drain this pool but the neighbor kicked us out

i took an absolutley amazing weekend trip to conneticut and rhode island with andrew, dan v, justin, and pad

we skated four concrete parks in two days while dan seemed to keep stretching out in the back seat and squishing pad

but justin kept him in line

we stayed at dan's friends house from high school in providence, and listened to andrew play some awesome freestyle folk songs