i'll do all my living and drinking, and sleep it off after i'm dead

the first half of this post is a guest post from no other than mark ennis. im not sure what happened during all of these photos as there are a lot of random ones. these are from the night of dan pensyl's roast and then some others.

like in this photo...i have no idea what this is.

brooklyn scene.

baby butt.

if you thought your beard was gnarly look at this guy.




jerry again!

cee-lo games at cell block M were fun

dan v's favorite sport other than eating sandwiches... cliff jumping

i'll post some photos of paulo cliff jumping in my we miss pauolo post. yea, it's coming.

some updates:

life at the new west orange house is sweet. miss them brahs.

dolomite still does some weird shit at the shop.

i actually utilized the random "take one" at bottle king. i was always confused by it, but now im all for it.

john lodge still has his ipod on.

cus still leaves condoms everywhere.

and bill pierce is a sex fiend.

woke up at 4 am and took the train in with marshall, pierce, rozbo and bj to skate this little gem:


there it is! had to wait for the sun to come up.

went out for the glorious king jersey david's birthday. that sicko.

marino buying shots.

oh boy.

mmm tequila.

marisa being hollywood.

loxton being jerked.

gabe bought dave some flowers.

georgia peaches.

cab to sweet paradise where we danced on tables. marino sprayed beer on dave right when we walked in but i missed it. it was funny.


"let's get some fuckin hotdogs!"

housin dogs. then we walked/stumbled from houston up to 28th street.


you can't really see, but this is me eating shit in front of a bunch of guidos in front of union.

good night.

went down to philly last weekend to visit some sickos.



slop faces.

walked to some other party where some weird shit was going on.

like this.

gypsy john had some weird bandage on his head. i wonder what was wrong with him?

leather laces are the shit.

there's so much shit going on in this photo. see if you can find the prize.

"what are you guys doing."

good morning rufio.

no photos from the next day day, but we shredded and it was fun.

haha yea.

passin out already.

jinxed? nope not this time.

seeing lights.

steven seagal was there too.

dil wore his best straight edge shirt.

major makeoutage.

and then the dance party started:

what, no good?

we got kicked out so we waited a little while.
then we went back in:

"so do you wanna make out?"
"no i haven't had that many drinks yet"

pony tail status.

dil got a bloody nose somehow.

note to self: dont take last minute shots when making decisions for the rest of the night.

when we got back joe made a funny and logged into seth's myspace and made this bulletin.

ate at the drexel dining hall.


went to see animal collective monday night:

good ol' kentucky gentleman made his return.

beer, whiskey, and some magnetic fields.

string friends.

greg collects bum art. this is one of his favorite pieces. notice how the bum utilized the half frame technique.

animal collective was fucking insane. go see them next time they're on tour. not to sound like a hippie, but it was some trippy shit and i wasn't even on drugs. regardless it was amazing.

went home for some lawrence arms rockout and whiskey and waters (a very underrated drink)

kentucky gentleman will do this to you:

last (gentle)man standing.

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