montclair blues

kevin drove two blocks on the sidewalk yesterday.

in brooklyn, kids sing along to the smiths. i guess everyone has their thing, right ?

moses's picks

green tea thursday

grape soda tuesday


frown town

A couple week's ago me and emily went to the Untitled art show over at the Eye Jammie Gallery in Nyc.It featured a bunch of painted boards which i was a bit skeptical about because it's been done so many times, but i definitely wasn't disappointed.

Obey. I had a full photo of this one but i have no idea what happened to it.
SP One

SP One detail

toilet town (alex duke)

Dante Ross

Dante Ross and (my mind is blank i cant remember his name, but he was in the beginning of pensyl's part in New York New York)

krink and mike giant

Built by Wendy and Sket One. these were my two favorite boards.

she used a lot of really awesome fabrics and patterns on hers.

Sket One detail.

Terrence Chin and Tristan Eaton


This was another one of my favorites. It's from Brooke Williams and the bottom was all polaroids of the sky.


It started getting really crowded so we decided to head out.

There was some stuff happening accross the street at the George Billis Gallery so we decided to check it out.

Ke-Sook Lee was showing, and the name of the exhibit was called One Hundred Faceless Women. All of her pieces were embroidered on hankerchiefs. Everything was so delicate and precise it was riciculous.



The really awesome part of the exhibit was the installation. She strung one hundred different hankerchiefs across one of the rooms and it was breath taking(no homo).

Trace Drury was also showing her Toys Two exhibition at the same gallery.

most of the paintings were pretty creepy.

i really liked this bunny one.

the more i looked at this little guy the more he creeped me out though.

erect tiger tail.
So that's it for the art blogging. Later in the week we were drinkin with some of emily's friends and we figured out that i can't frown.

attempt #1

attempt #2

emily showing how its done.

i don't feel too bad though because kelly looks like she's smiling when she tries to frown.

and i close this post with this photo:

worth a thousand words is right.