Holy fuck me.
new Johnny and the Moon:


any given night last summer:


everybody knows this is nowhere

wow its been a while. been goin through some shit but ya know, it could always be worse. fellas, just know that broads will be broads. one minute you could be being fed grapes on a hammock while sipping on an ice cold brew, and the next minute you could be passed out on the corner of metropolitan and woodpoint at 8 pm on a sunday too drunk to move. dont take your shit for granted (not that i did, just dont).

i used to make fun of people who lay down in parks on their break from work but now i realize how awesome it is.

went to a yankee game with my good pal jeff. last row possible.


they lost though. im not happy about 8 dollar beers either. worth it though.

greg broke his coxsis? at any point in time you could walk in and hes icing his ass. 4th of jew lie.

whale mit.

whiskey roofing with good ol cus

neil young rockout or cus shitting his pants. you decide.

slowly turned into dance party with random people from france.

"we want the brooce! brooce springstein!"

new shit, new shit

back to jersey

off to halligans hawaiian hip hop hoopla. or something. willy!

hah yep.

michelle in parrot gear

timmy challenged dan v to a dance off.

this is dans famous kickout dance move he usually does. you know what im talking about.

this broad almost won a dance contest

much love.

shape killin it

g wallace

limbo status.

willy killin it back at the house.

midland wall art.

went shredding with the homies.

the last spot on earth.

eastside ledges.

davy is killing it:

dekline, please hook rozbo up with some more shoes.

wassup rockers crew was there.


not much needs to be said about this.

raided some kids fridge at a house party.

"yo, gimme that fuckin toast" -davy

"im eating desert, i already ate a four course meal"

more to come. im lazy.