sorry for animal collective overdose, but the new album just leaked and i have nothing better to do at work right now. few people probably care or would get a chuckle out of this but whatevs. a few years ago they played on the conan o'brien show. them and conan in the same sentence is already pretty awkward, but then they chose to play #1. a song which is most definitely not ready for "pop culture". anyway, here's the video. i feel bad for anyone who was at this taping. they played great, but if you don't know the band you would be confused as fuck.

case in point, the guy trying to figure out the closed captioning while this noise is going on was pretty confused:

although the new album is definitely the easiest to listen to, i like that they remain weird and against the grain, but at the same are getting more normal (if that makes sense). someone give me something to do, i sound like im writing for pitchfork


go do something

it's nice outside
Went home for my birthday.
This is my cousin Michael
This is John Luke

This is Ryan, and they are all devouring every inch of my birthday cake.

Snowed. Had to grab supplies before going to Drop In.

John Cruz blowing it.

Art courtesy of Matt Eaton.

Midland froze.



two summers ago i went with the fam to europe. a few days in rome, two and a half weeks in greece. ive had prints of these photos for a long time but never scanned them until yesterday, so i guess you can consider this "new shit". there's a lot more than these, so this is just a short summary of my trip.

while at dinner one day these french girls were singing in the streets of rome. not sure what the occasion was but their voices echoed down the alleys and streets. i grabbed my camera and ran accross the street and waited. i like it because its at the split second where this girl and i made eye contact.

off to greece. mom was psyched.

athens at night

that new Zorba single is the shit. oh shit wait, they got that new Syrtaki EP too. gotta pick that one up kit

greeks being greeks.

i have an odd amount of photos of random couples doing couple things from this trip.

off to limni, an island off of greece where my grandma (yia yia, in greek) is originally from. it was cool to see family members i never knew i had.
fishing and eating on the beach til the moon comes around the corner. i ate a sea urchin straight from the water this day.

my cousin francesco

more cousins. i mainly hung out with the girl in the tube the whole time. shes 5 and the only thing she knew how to say in english was 'cheese' and the only thing i really knew how to say in greek was 'podophles', which are sandals. somehow these were the only words exchanged through the whole time i was there and we were best buds

this might be my favorite photo i've ever taken (besides dan getting punched in the face by andrew). oddly enough, the dude could pass as a fatter version of me if i had a blonde girlfriend. prints of these photos will be in my upcoming photo show/t-shirt release party at division east thats gonna be sometime in late january i think.

also, thanks to steve marino for putting together the show last night. good turnout and a good time


jealous of the husband wife duo that is avey tare from animal collective, and kria brekkan

ive got mine:

purple bottle:

flesh canoe:


this sunday

at 2nd nature. do it.

Oh yeah, in other blog news, Crypt Trip has an interesting video up, Jersey Dave has some photos worth checking out from Falla's going pro party. Leave him some good words, he just wants to push around with his friends. And Steve Marino still hasn't updated in forever, so don't go there


When Budweiser does not rule...


little bit o dis

you know the drill
nick getting some back tail shuvs while the crew...

looks at porn? possibly

new spot. its in a town where apparently its the greatest place to live in america. well being that its in new jersey thats strike one....oh c'mon guys dont give me that face, i still love you.

cus got an eye transplant.

marshall still "doesn't skate rails anymore"

bj being a filmer creep

rozbo being a glorious model

roommate update:
ryan still sleeps a lot in the middle of hanging out

and can also still cook really good meatballs while dressing up like your scheevy italian uncle.

you know how stupid little babies spit things up out of nowhere sometimes?
well that happened to greg the other morning. we're real healthy at kingsland.



and i quote

"have I ever told you you're like a diamond in a valley of monkeys?"


"c'mon, you're not jeff"

-me drunkingly talking to Jeff Goldblum on the street



i dont normally post links to other blogs unless theyre a bro, or a brah, or a broad for that matter, but this post had me dying at work today. like crying status. so fucking weird.

Shoe Stomp Sexy Jock Squash Skater Squish


I just want four walls, and adobe slabs for the girl

Music that ive been rotating through lately

13th floor elevators:

Animal collective. Studio version of this song leaked yesterday

and call me a vagina, but I've always had a soft spot for beach house:


the crappening

Skated some old spots; Caleb getting all fs on this feeble
Ultra lurk
Rozbo the Ogre

New fun stuff

Session ender
Plunger fight
Caleb is ____.
Pool table is back in full effect

It does.