long drives and skatepark dives

Went down to Miami for Spring Break with John Cruz, Rozbo, and Davy.You can't really tell, but there were like a hundred hawks circling this building.
We found this gem; only to find that it was next to impossible to skate.
Went to this abandoned Chinese theme park called Splendid China in Orlando.

Pretty sketchy in there.
Jim Greco made a pro model marble slab for us to find.

There were gnarly things in there.
From John's grandmother's house in Orlando we went to a hotel in Miami that his Aunt got for us.
This place was crazy; flat screen, hd tv.
Huge comfy beds.
An iPod player.
The Book of Mormom in place of a Bible

"Fuck yeah Fiji water! Oh wait, '$7 will be charged after consumption'. Damn!"
Hookah bars.
On every floor there were crazy blue lights down the halls.
4 pools to swim in for some reason.
Beds with canopies outside.

2 Hot Tubs that were probably filled with our pee.

All on the beach!

Awesome trip...went to the Animal Biking warehouse to TRY and skate.
All the ramps were destroyed and impossible to skate.

I became more interested in the silly graffiti.


theres no reason to scream and shout, i just came here to get kicked out (UPDATE)

UPDATE: so we'll be going on at 9:30/10:00, so be there sometime before that. i'll let you guys know if anything changes. cheers.

first stop off the L train in brooklyn. literally right outside of the subway station on bedford ave. free za with every brew.

weve been practicing

and yelling at the top of our lungs at 3am. i know its in the middle of the week, but i know most of you will be drinking anyway. so you should come get drunk, dance, whatever. we have a drinking song to sing along to now. should be a good time. doors at 8 and we STILL dont know what time were going on, so i would say get there at 8. call me if you need directshens or something.

some words to live by:


and i quote

"well, you do have enemies"
- ryan in response to gregs mystery broken windshield

"i really love your perfume"
"this futon is really creepy"
words that were exchanged with a female one evening

"im eating chocolate and looking at blogs"
- spice, post sick jerks abandonment



This is a compilation of the past 3 weeks of my life.Rozbo and I drank a whole bottle of Absinthe and died.
Matt Eaton writes awesome things on BJ's dirty whip

Drank wine with creeps and some buddies...

When the guys look like this.....

It's no wonder the girls started to kiss each other rather than them.

I thought it was a good idea to Super 8.

Then girls got ahold of my camera.

Nice to see they had fun with it.