Hey pals, we're playing a show tonight at trash bar in Brooklyn. $6 admission, OPEN BAR from 8-9, we go on at 10pm. Its in Williamsburg and is off the first stop of the L train in Brooklyn. Its at a bar so you youngins probably wont be able to get in. not sure if theyre id-ing at the door but theres a chance they will. Unlike last time we played, which included being absolutely shit faced, not being able to hear, and broken strings and a floor tom in the first song, this show should be at least 37% better than last time. That being said, hope to see y'all there. Heres da link: http://www.thetrashbar.com/html/modules.php?name=GCalendar&file=viewday&y=2009&m=5&d=26&e=648


show update/preview at the visivo blog.

oh yea, deli sandwiches > subway


Friday, May 15th

The flyer says it all (click to enlarge). Come by, drink brews, peep photos, and buy a shirt. Hope to see y'all there


so once sick jerks reaches 500 posts hes being retired, but kept for archives sake. sorry hens. until then, keep occupied with these via spig hen hen .

typical kingsland crew at night:

and eric: