long time no seegens

My laptop is finally back in tiptop shape, so here are some photos I took on our trip to California, in no particular order. Sorry no captions, C-C-Couldn't.

And....here is a little promo type thing I threw together quick for our second whoopi pie...

good morning, thursday

Some videos for your Thursday morning:

Axe Riverboy and Of Montreal playing in the middle of a street in paris:

Tapes'n Tapes do the same:



who wants to move into a beautiful house in bloomfield with nick ceglia and me? about 450 a month for your own room.


Rob Dyrdek Interview

I got the chance to do an interview with Rob Dyrdek for CCS. Although I do ask him about the TV show, I kept them minimal and I tried to stay away from those questions because he probably hears them all of the time. And guess what I actually got to talk to him about ……. skateboarding! When was the last time you heard him talk about that? Anyhow, it's a good read I guess if you're bored. He talks about the new Alien Workshop video and his possible ender if you're interested.

Here's the link: http://www.ccs.com/connect/feature/dyrdek_int.asp


plastic wings and plastic smiles, unsalted peanuts stretch my miles

when we last left off, we were way bored in the LA airport. we decided that if we didn't start boarding our mini plane of hell in 30 minutes, we would get some alcohol. we wound up in the duty free shop 5 minutes later to hopefully get some of grandpas ol' cough medicine.

they had cigarette cartons the size of cereal boxes.

not quite what were looking for.

a little over our price range.


at least one of the dudes from wassup rockers was directing our plane.

bye LA.

thank god for mini bottles of jack daniels.

pierces bottles were shinin'.

to keep with the running music theme, delta had xm radio on the flight.

probably the best flight i've ever had.

finally got into oakland. then took the BART to sf.


this is the green tortoise. our lovely home for the week. shits been around since the 60's and hasnt left. shit kinda look like hippie house.

BJ finally got there as well, and we decided to have some brews and chill in the common area.

our rooms were small. id show more of bill and cus room, but i was up against a wall as it was.

went for a walk to check out spots later that night. i thought i rotated these but oh well.

went to the coffee chop every morning. was dumb good.

did more chillin in the common room cuz of the wetness.

music to keep you occupied.

as well as foosball.

made some magnificent drawings while waiting for things to dry up too:
click to enlarge em

ate some foods and then decided to roam around the city since no skating was goin down.

our hostel was surrounded by places like this.

some bum left his porno VHS tape on the bus.

'Sex On Wheels' pierce is psyched on his first non downloaded porno.

dont go to pizza places in SF. it's 3 dollars for a below mediocre plain slice, and they cant spell spaghetti.

bathroom writings.

finally made it to 3rd and army. skated it as it dried up. as usual.

dead duck.

found some treep at the spot. it was in a satori bearings case. figures.

after 3rd and army we got to go skate the Deluxe park and check out the warehouse. special thanks to john alden for hooking it up.

shit was gnar.

then got a little tour of the warehouse.

new shapes.

they manufacture all of the wheels and trucks in house. USA made fer sher. they wouldn't let me take photos there though, might've been because of the immigrants working there.

sweet gonz drawing.

thanks again john!

by the time we got out of there the weather started look pretty good.

cus mapping out our route forecast for the next day.