ratting it

The Ratt boys: Peeve and sick old fuck.


friends make me smile

i love justin white
(these eyes have eyes)


Praying is for faggots .

Brett and Scotty > You.


hurts hurts hurts

I have two exams today, hurts.


I still can't think of anything.

We were driving in Ceg's car today, and he put on time of the season by the zombies. Made me smile.


Justin White interviewed me one time


Good times

Villa is the man.

Titanic 2

This is my good friend Mike Burke along with his ass. Only Burke would get up from shitting and pose for a picture. Oh and did you guys hear? TITANIC 2 is coming out (sarcasm).

Gone with the day

First picture I ever took with my camera.


rain day not lame

Anthony Villa and

Russ Roe

painted a collab piece on my bedroom wall since it rained today.


Yeah so I'm sitting in my room and no one is here. Hurts. Let's shred you fucks.


Im gonna treat your pussey like jesus!

Everytime you open your mouth i want to fuck it.

Close your eyes and keep dancing to the music.

Lifting at the gym.


city shred sesh

Justin, Villa, and I shredded nyc today and I realized Williamsburg is awesome.


Rad Weekending

We started the weekend on a rainy saturday in bayville, exploring a newly abandoned warehouse. It's huge, open, and has three stories that we could find. It has so much potential for an amazing spot if it was possible.

Pretty epic graffiti in there.

Eric doing his Style Wars pose.

Also some pretty gay graffiti in there. Upon leaving the warehouse, we were greeted by surrounding police officers whom then proceded to take all of our information and send it to the building owner to see if he wants to press charges on us for tresspassing.

On that note, we chilled at my house and had some drinks.

Eric before he jumped on the trampoline with dog shit all over it.

Perfect ending to the weekend when Villa appeared in NJ and shredded the chili's bump to hydrant with Baker, Russ, and I.


Steve loves his slack-its.

weekend upskate

started the weekend early on thursday by shredding the city and then hitting up the etnies 20th anniversary party downtown.

we seriously almost got hit by a car accident. 10 feet away.

the scene inside the etnies show room. thats dustin charleton getting down with some chick.

there was a mini on the roof that we got to session earlier in the day. pretty epic. kids were climbing up the fire escape to get into the party.

this guy was killing the mini with steezed out ollies like this one. with the cig in his mouth.

dave dowd and jersey dave in the house.

the next day had sushi with a bunch of friends. "sushi with steve? never again." steve opted for the finger food way of eating and using the chopsticks as drum sticks. feel sorry for everyone around us, but it was great for a laugh.

followed by some pbr with bill and steve.

hit up dave dowds house the next evening to watch the boxing match. didnt watch much boxing. was more occupied with beer and talking to jimmy about bukkake. not sure whats going on in this pic but gabe seems really high.

jimmy talking to daves girlfirend about bukkake.

half-cab city.

scott and dolomite being scott and dolomite. darrens feeling the effects of some secret ingedient in the brownies.

not normal seeing this one. d.fine filming?

d.fine, jersey dave, will nagle, jp, foley, mike stim., dan v., justin and others. pretty sweet sesh. darren and dave dowd bounced early so i hear. got a bunch of photos today that i should post up soon on that up-ledge.

see you,



a gnar night

Sean Baker during an epic night of Beer Pong at SpiceFest Summer 2005.



This is a picture of the Jackson pool in its current state: hurting. It's nice out, go shred. I don't "own a toothbrush." Oh yeah go to the link below, fer life.



heres some photos from this past weekends events. enjoy.

found out mikes lisence plate has my name on it. awww shit.

went to a party in brooklyn with jersey dave and jersey marisa.

once the pbr is flowin, aint no tellin where im goin.

jersey dave and some wierd people.

saw another lisence plate later that night with my name on it. wierd.

friend mary posing with one of the interesting hair do's i've ever seen.

jersey dave. epic.

the next day. of course when i try to shoot a photo of hundreds of birds flying in the air, i get a shot of one. went skating later that day and now my legs feel like rubber. so good.