beutiful weather

today is a beautiful day again. everyone needs to go skateboarding. last night was pretty gnarly. i think this picture will sum it up. janz got a boot on his car today. i guess his parking ticket collection finally payed off.

a crop duster, followed by a courtesy flush and a camo cough

so on the train today i was worried about having to poo at work. so i get to work and i try not to think about it so i go check fecal face dot com, and what do you know, a life saver.



work shmirk.

so i was bored at work today and decided to google image search for myself and this is what came up.

the caption reads "Here's Nick Ceglia"

i guess when your in a cubicle anything can humor you.


dog fence

It was nice out today, shredded gnar at a skatepark and in Secaucus. This is a picture of a project our roommate Steve made during his Senior year in high school. Epic.

War on Want

This is Du right after he pissed all over his own floor.
The Engine System


oh no

Yeah so, Bill Spice invited me to join this sick jerk blog, and I'm honored to say the least. Spice, our roommate Steve, and I are almost finished with our first year at Montclair State University, so that is needless to say..awesome. Come September we will have our own apartment with sicko Nick Ceglia; guests will be more than welcome. Oh and yes...'Whoopi Pie' is still coming out! I plan on posting every second of my life, be prepared. Fuckin' A' Right Doggy!

one more

One More for today instead of doing my homework. this is me and baker filming for word to the wise. which is back into production if anyone wants one, theyre 10 bucks for the dvd including shipping.
Also check out phantomlimbscollective.com

Photo by scotty steinhilber.

Blog City

My job will be to post a photo of the day and other stuff i think needs to be seen. Also the occasional song and lurked website.

This is a Russ Roe's shirt at a party in beachwood, nj.