dont normally post links to things i write, but im happy about this one. got to dig up some old skate mags for it.

Top 5 Companies That Should've Stuck Around


Since I don’t have a digi cam, here are some thoughts, realizations and ramblings about stuff that you wont care about but I feel like writing down:
After discussing with steve, I realized that ordering two slices of pizza are necessary, and ordering one is pretty dumb. Not that two slices are always needed, there's just always a hunger for the taste of pizza, hence why you need two slices. However, upon ordering two slices today, I realized that two slices aren't really needed. Just wait 10 minutes and you'll be full, just ask my stomache after its done twisting and turning.
I realized today that I really like working across the street from FIT. Like, really, really like working across the street from FIT.
My hair is long and I like being hungover and miss living in Montclair.
Speaking of living in Montclair, about a year ago almost, me spice and steve were supposed to move in together. We found a house, and long story short, couldn’t get our shit together to rent it out. Funny/weird to think about where we would be right now if we went ahead with getting the house.
I appreciate doing things by myself. Im not sure why, but I like being a loner sometimes. Eating pizza alone is cool, coffee alone is cool, bar by yourself is cool sometimes and for some reason, works with picking up chicks. Or getting picked up i guess. Who knew.
As opposed to last summer, this summer will be awesome. Already clocking in major amount of time on the roof. Not to say that I've actually been "tanning". Just you know, being on the roof and stuff. I haven't been tan in two years.
How come people don’t use 90's terms like butt munch and ass wipe anymore? I miss those terms. Also, why is it called a blowjob and not a suckjob? Clearly theres more sucking than blowing involved.
Speaking of suck jobs I'm at work, and as im typing this it looks like im doing work and writing a lot. I'm currently typing in the same document as my "Top 5 Companies That Should've Stuck Around" article. Once im done its copy, paste, post. Simple as that and I don’t get caught. Unless someone from work is reading this now… sorry. It's during my lunch anyway, I promise.
sometimes im still drunk the next morning and have funny conversations with my friends while im sitting at my computer hating my life.

mskatev (10:17:09 AM): sup honkey
fotogny (10:17:15 AM): sup bretheren
mskatev (10:17:44 AM): nothin just spent 7 bucks on a coffee and scone
mskatev (10:17:49 AM): im bitter
fotogny (10:17:51 AM): oh good deal
fotogny (10:17:55 AM): haha
mskatev (10:18:15 AM): i didnt ask how much the goddamn scone was
mskatev (10:18:38 AM): its actually really good, takes like im eating a fucking pancake
mskatev (10:18:53 AM): i hate scone
fotogny (10:19:15 AM): hahahha
fotogny (10:27:12 AM): fucking hungoveruh
mskatev (10:27:36 AM): u hungover?
fotogny (10:28:07 AM): yea its dumb
fotogny (10:28:27 AM): slept in montclair last night and had to drive into the city this morning
fotogny (10:28:39 AM): no parking spots and had to put it in a garage
fotogny (10:28:50 AM): then i got an iced coffee but its pretty good
fotogny (10:29:19 AM): then i took the elevator and made small talk with a co worker, she got off on the 9th floor
fotogny (10:29:38 AM): then i farted in the elevator, ive had to shit since i started driving this morning
fotogny (10:30:01 AM): then i turned on my computer and went to go shit while it was turning on
fotogny (10:30:16 AM): nothing happened so now im drinking iced coffee which wil make me shit even more
mskatev (10:31:10 AM): hahahhahahaa


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