chuckle worthy
Found this gem in the bathroom at MSU



I've been lurking the Slap Magazine forums for years, but I only recently discovered the 'Things that Made You Laugh Today' Thread. Call me gross or immature, I call myself easily amused. Fart jokes and penis drawings? Yes please.
Don't even know what to say to this. Nice shoes?

...why don't ya take a seat. I'm Chris Hannndpddododsifjdshhsdvhagvjash v.

Just ew.

Remember JNCO jeans?

Dude is surfing an alligator in the sky.

Burger King Diamond.

"Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down!"
Good ol' Rick Astley


Went to Miami for a few days with my NJ homies.
Tired and hurt.

Broken beds are not comfy.

Onion head.


On another note...

Made some pumpkin seeds with bros

And got a yo-yo with Stef.
Watch this footage from the Thrasher thing at DE 2

wild in the parks

In the summer, my friends, Nico and Dillon, and I won this skate contest in Sayreville that qualified us for the championships in Arizona. These are some pictures from the gnarly hotel we stayed in.

Bunch of stuff related to the contest.



I have a photo essay up on King Shit. Most of you probably won't remember me taking these, but here they are hah. Click on the main image or scroll down and click on my name.

King Shit

also, justin has a new clip up on popills. its a 16mm montage from his trip to visit mark in chile with dan v. that'll put you in a trance.