shit kinda look like...

in case you're wondering what dan v is going to look like in a few years:



is what it feels like for me when sickjerks isnt updated



is what it feels like to see sickjerks not updated:

were trying not to be the black dog. updates are coming.


way down in dixie

ok, so, tennessee is a wonderful place. i've spent the last two months or so staying at my good friend anthony's house. i stay in a beautiful apartment on beautiful country property. i haven't been blogging too hard during this trip, but i have tried to document it best as possible. enjoy.

this photo contains everyday essentials: beer, dog food, and banjo.

this is anthony. the everyday new jersey/new york resident may think he is insane, but here, he is perfectly normal.

this is dane. he is the third leg of our operation. he knows everything about everything.

and of course, moses. he is a "city dog" so he spends most of his time chasing ducks and barking at horses five times his size.

this was the last night before smoking was banned inside in tn. although it is banned in restaurants, these lucky bastards can still smoke in bars.

this fire is ten times bigger than you think.

everything is gnarly here. like this photo: anthony is holding a copperhead (very poisonous) snake barehanded, at the jack daniel's distillery before we walked inside.

i have spent about 75% of my time out here riding, looking at, and stressing about motorcycles. this is anthony on his 73 shovelhead.

i finally got one. this was my 84 ironhead.

when we had bikes, we rode every second together. dane is in front of me on his sportster

we did everything we could to get the most out of it, for example, go to sleazy biker bars.

then, i crashed and totaled my bike, and immediately after, anthony gets his hand sucked into the primary belt drive on his bike. fire truck comes, sawzalls are involved...

somehow, he gets away with 4.75 fingers. 3 were broken.

i'll be northbound in one week.


Hiya Watha!

I got very drunk and made love to a woman last night with more armpit and pubic hair than me.........Bummer. I wish I couldve woke up next to her in the morning, smiled into the camera shrugging my shoulders, and star wipe right into this video

Whatever you do, don't get this song stuck in your head. Just don't think about it. Your thinkin about it aren't you. Your fucked.


POTD hennnnn

Emily got today's Photo of the Day on fecalface.com, so everyone should go there and look at it. It's pretty.

Speaking of photos:

A week from tomorrow in Philly. We'll be giving out visivo stuff and the new zine. Good times. Do it.