the ramblin' boys of pleasure

went to the premiere of the chapman video and static III a little while back. both were equally amazing. nice job jeremy!

scene out side the theater. and when i say scene, i mean scene.

patiently waiting.


how many filmers in the tri-state area does it take to get the video started? answer: 4-6. it was a who's who of tri-state media. eventually the vids played and everyone went nuts.

especially these sickos.

after party at nova lounge to see jeru the damaja perform.

andy steezin it.

marino being marino. peep some cross bloggage here when you're done with this post.

justin was in epic form.

jeru played.

and made girls fall out of their seats.

went to max fish later for some more boozin.

every time i see this kid he's always passed out.

allen played some dyke in pool and killed it. you can kinda see her back there.

alec lurkin in the background.

came outside to a busted fire hydrant.

tombos friend was awesome enough to let about 6 of us stay in her apartment. thanks! this is the view she's got:

apparently she's "over it" though.

woke up to mike spooning zach, and tombo and rodney on some comfy pink sheets.

being a tourist in the morning.

went to see the lawrence arms that night on a boat cruise around manhattan. now, lawrence arms shows are complete messes to begin with because a. you're wasted, and b. theyre normally more wasted than you are. they were also playing with the falcon (which is basically the lawrence arms plus one other dude) and american steel. there were also rumors going around of them playing songs from their previous band, the broadways. phew. so this combination on a boat was going to be nothing less than epic.
by the time we got there i had already thrown up and greg couldn't keep his eyes open. mind you this is at 6:30 pm.

waiting to board.

some dude dropped his ticket in the water and everyone made him go in the east river and get it. this show was that big of a deal to die hard larry fans.

and then we had to sit on the side of the line until everyone else went in because we tried to sneak in before everyone. who tries to sneak onto a boat?

there she is.

the boat was packed and was very rocky at times. causing everyone to fall into eachother.

the falcon.

american steel.

"wish i was back in the drunk tank drownin"

lawrence arms came on and killed it.

and then the broadways songs came. played the kitchen floor and it was amazing. i can die in peace now.

went to took, darren, and taz's new shop last weekend for an art show.
drinkin wine and peepin art.

congrats took! the place looks sick.

came back to m-block for pils bday, and stefs 21st bday. also got a surprise from this little idiot.
i also got a surprise double chin that night.

haha. awkward things in this pic. dfine with a sweet hand bag.

good ol thursday at m-block.

first dance party of the year.

pierce came in when daft punk was playing.

and then he made farting noises with his leg pits.

haha yup.


almost there.

and then stef and pil took body shots.

have you seen marshall's new belly gem?

stef clearly not wanting 99 oranges.

and done.

we're almost at 10,000 hits!

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