great week

we covered dan in about seven trial size bottles of gold bond

fat zach morris

jesse the tattoo guy

andy got a touch up


the suits poured out of elevators



baker got his liscence

scotty was in town for a while

five am subway ride



sicko joe pro has been distracting me at work and sending me photos of people freestyle walking that he finds on myspace. its a toss up between him and scott friend for who finds the most ridiculous shit on the internet. apparently this was labeled as a "crail". i dont know what else to say about this except that this is one of the more funnier things of my week. the cunt tag is what tops this photo off.

i also found this today. holy fuck.



fuck skateboarding. fuck getting kicked out of spots, breaking boards and rain. freestyle walking involves none of that. i can film a whole part in my house. this kid is even getting photos. bet he gets the cover.


trick of the year?