ax's and backyard fires. we're doing ok

hear my humble cry

does anyone care about motorcycles ?


and i quote

"that's like getting drunk off of two wines of glass"

"we're far too sophisticated for that"



one afternoon we were extras in a bully mouth music video. (aka the day that everything important I own was either lost, broken or stolen.) one of the funnest days.


and i quote

"listening to vodka, watching modest mouse, and drinking the rangers"

"LG can you please sit on my face, I need to puke"


premiere status

support the homies:


here's a video from thanksgiving at andy's house. i forget what year this is from:

dan v, brian brown, and foley skating the quarterpipe in its prime:

dan v, keg rock to fakie:


and i quote

regarding dfine's brief appearance in Philadelphia:
"it's like we hired entertainment for the night and then it left after 3 hours"

Love you dave.


and i quote

"i used to drive a champagne colored bentley, all black"

-dawayne the bum

all you need is a monacle and a top hat

fires in your building is cool. especially when you're on the 11th floor.

they were scared too.

headed to see the andrew schoultz exhibition at the morgan lehman gallery.

andrew did a series of boards for western edition which are at de.

crazy detail.

stopped in a whole slew of other galleries, sorry i dont remember anyones names.

the date farmers at johnathan levine:

good stuff. gallery walks are fun.

looks like you have some competition, cus.
greg's bday. sans pictures of greg.
naveen in bouncer gear.

shit kinda look like an interpol video.

naveeneck all day every day

lazy sunday thrift store shopping. this shoe was a size 20 and there was only one of them.

probably the same dude that had the size 20 shoe. or it was grimaces.

handsome furs later that night:
ryan "dryspell" whalen is tryna.

awesome as usual.
kaki king later in the week.

you're really great kaki and play guitar really well. but next time cut your show down by at least 45 minutes.

this dude thought we were at warped tour.

weekend in philly:

almost fights are pretty cool.

blog city:

mike doesnt have a blog but likes mocking people who do.

dfine status:

austin, i mean mike's chest hair is looking pretty good lately.
dawayne the bum stopped by.

"and then wha happend"

beer and smirnoff apple. you take whatever you can get on the streets.

broke a bottle because mike told me to. minimal peer pressure goes a long way.

stole bandaid gear and we were on our way to hip dance party where we danced like idiots.

a nice breakfast.

worst combo.

these are good for you.