art, beers, bro's, and broads

here's the photos from the visivo projects art show last friday. we had an amazing turnout and everyone had a great time.

emo john.

garro master had some sick contour drawings.

he's also really good at self portraits.

mike valentine.

mike valentine and joe profita.

erin and dill. dill said his two canvas piece wasn't finished yet, but it's finished enough to hang in my living room.

mike waiting for people to show up.

and then they did.

and then more people did.

scott and vinny

lovely idiots.

scott with bubba and girlfriend. bubba has nj tattoed in his lip and his girlfriend has philly on hers. scott has nothing.

emily and gabby.

in case you couldnt tell, 5boro and division east helped sponsor the show.
tombo, get jimmy a check for this one.

brandon grandstrand was there eating cans.

and giving girls the middle finger.

friend and scott with dill.

this dog humped scott.

thanks to everyone for coming out, the outcome was more than we expected and we had some really good feedback on the show and the zine. we gave away all of the zines but were printing more, so you can pick one up at division east soon. thanks to division east and 5boro for hookin it up with the gift bags. be on the lookout for another show early march, and our first shirt designs coming this spring.


"gliding and turning are the heart and soul of skateboarding" says Daniel Gezmer.


this friday

art, beer, bro's and broads. fun times ahead.

2006 was pretty awesome. part 2.

dave kicked dan v's ass.

will nagles bday continued.
yes that's ketchup and mustard.

fight broke out at some party. not much more needs to be said cuz i know what you're thinking.

ax throwers beer.

recorded the ax throwers song at the studio. ax sounds included.

dave kicked dan v's ass. again.

ax graveyard

justin filming dan for the DE video.

here's to 2007 fellas


2006 was pretty awesome. part 1.

andy got a funaholic tatoo

will nagles bday....when dan v pees on fire it smells like pretzels.

my ankle rolled. again.

many faces of stephen sabrini:

twin 5-0's

halloween: real dan v as fat zach morris, and cus as dan v

yes. people like this really do exist. peep that belt buckle.

pretty girls.

sunset rubdown was amazing.