what to do when it rains

this weekend was pretty ill. minus the rain and me getting lost for 2 hours trying to find andrews house for his bday party.

guitar sesh in the kitchen. by the time i got there everyone was pretty much wasted.

shit got pretty intense

banjo status: major

part of my intention for going was to get a head shot of darren for his fresh find in focus. i made sure to wait til he was shit faced to take it. gabe also proceeded to pour beer on his face. this was one of the outtakes.

chillin in the basement.

me and darren went and grilled outside at 2:30 in the morning in the pouring rain. andrews mom told us to grill some corn too. dont even know if thats possible but it got eaten anyway.

what sucks is that it was also Scott friends bday too this week and him and Jersey dave were at Drop In shredding the same night. Happy Bday S Dot! Now we dont have to pick your ass up anymore!

woke up dumb late the next morning to more stupid rain. hope it ends soon. oh and...

this friday! come out and drink and look at some art. see you then.


Anonymous said...

hey spig did u ever put copies of word to wise at divison east?

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