la balla de plata

went to canada about a week ago for a few days. it was really sweet dude. when we first got there, it was pouring rain so we bought some 40's and chilled on a stoop on St. Catherine's boulevard.

the bartender(ettes) at le fouf were pretty.

janz threw up on the bar and got kicked out. so, baker and i decided to keep drinking for about an hour and janz was completely lost. he ended up in a park, sitting on a bench, talking to a prostitute and had to get a taxi back to the motel which was about 15 minutes outside of the city. i think he said it cost about 38 dollars in total.

we shredded pretty hard the next day. check out some of the footage from our trip in the new montage on notcoolproductions.com

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skegs said...

aghhh. i need some montreal in my life. and definitely some le fouf.