Pretty Much Ok Wasted

This past friday was the Pretty Much Ok Wowza art show at Division East. There was a great turnout and all the art was looking pretty sweet. The following photos are from special guest Dan V. It's funny to see his progression from sober to shit faced. This also explains why theres no pictures of art here. Enjoy.

Will Nagle came with JP and the crew.

Tombo before he was forcing everyone to go to Tierney's

Pad and Tame One on the one's and two's. Everyone was seriously there. If you weren't then your name is Bill Spice (jk I love you Bill).

Me and the V

J White had some sweet stuff at the show. Good thing Dan took a lot of pictures of it. I think it's safe to say I got "Justin Whited" twice this week. It's ok Justin, as long as you buy my grandma print.

Gabe was chillin in his best art fag shirt he could find.

Sweating while explaining my art.

Mad freestyle sesh.

Went to the barn afterwards for some more brews. The song being sung here was "Pussy scumbag faggots just can't drink" Epic.

Give me a blunt. Now.

Don't know what happened here. Apparently Dan tried to piss out the car door. I guess it didn't work.

Thanks to everyone for comin out, it was an awesome time. And thanks to Dave Dowd and Justin for puttin everything together. There will be many more sick shows to come.


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spig said...

i fucking love dan v i wish i wasnt such a dunny and came

Anonymous said...

hey spig did u ever put copies of word to wise at divison east?