Go Skateboarding Day! (part 1)

Here's some photos from this past week's Go Skateboarding Day. I'm separating it into two parts because I'm way too lazy to upload them all right now. I also made it a point not take any photos of tricks and just document the day. I think I shot the same amount of film as if I were shooting trick after trick, so either way i spent the same amount on film (or CCS did anyway!). Enjoy.

JW was there filming for 411.

Billy, Alex and Gary

Gary's board after trying some gnar shit. You know what they say, another man's broken board is another man's...


Some Ragdoll type shit over the rail. I think Rodney Torres gave Gary his board to try it again and yea, Alex is holding the board still.

And he landed it! This kids face is priceless.

This product toss was nothing compared to the product toss later in the day.

And we're off to Houston. For some reason im uploading these in the wrong order though, so we're gonna go to the TF first.

What you know bout blockin traffic sen?

I kept following this kid around because he had a nice push. Thanks man.

Finally got to the TF to lurk.

Marino with Zach, Alex and Gary

Steve Antonecchia!

Justin White and Dan V. When you end a blog with Dan V, you know something good is gonna come. See you soon.

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