sorry for animal collective overdose, but the new album just leaked and i have nothing better to do at work right now. few people probably care or would get a chuckle out of this but whatevs. a few years ago they played on the conan o'brien show. them and conan in the same sentence is already pretty awkward, but then they chose to play #1. a song which is most definitely not ready for "pop culture". anyway, here's the video. i feel bad for anyone who was at this taping. they played great, but if you don't know the band you would be confused as fuck.

case in point, the guy trying to figure out the closed captioning while this noise is going on was pretty confused:

although the new album is definitely the easiest to listen to, i like that they remain weird and against the grain, but at the same are getting more normal (if that makes sense). someone give me something to do, i sound like im writing for pitchfork

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