little bit o dis

you know the drill
nick getting some back tail shuvs while the crew...

looks at porn? possibly

new spot. its in a town where apparently its the greatest place to live in america. well being that its in new jersey thats strike one....oh c'mon guys dont give me that face, i still love you.

cus got an eye transplant.

marshall still "doesn't skate rails anymore"

bj being a filmer creep

rozbo being a glorious model

roommate update:
ryan still sleeps a lot in the middle of hanging out

and can also still cook really good meatballs while dressing up like your scheevy italian uncle.

you know how stupid little babies spit things up out of nowhere sometimes?
well that happened to greg the other morning. we're real healthy at kingsland.

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stefleogrande said...

haha, reppin' my high school, what up!