Im unavoidable like death this christmas

Oh, well look who it is. if you're wondering why I haven't been blogging, well I couldn’t tell you why. Anyway, here's a random bunch of random thoughts to make it look like I posted something

Coffee is good
My teeth are more crooked now and I don’t want to see a dentist
My middle knuckle was the size of a golf ball two weeks ago
Monday nights are now deemed "sober nights"
Sunday dinner parties at kingsland turn into dance parties before you can finish your pasta
Vegans are odd people
Im almost in hibernation mode
Spice is living the life
Karaoke in chinatown is highly recommended
Lesbians are odd too
Beer Girls will be your new favorite band by march 09
"the office" is a funny show. especially when you're in one every day and can relate to it
Someone died in the apartment above us, I had to let the medical examiner in
I appreciate skateboarding by yourself more than ever, cold sessions by yourself are refreshing
Me and spice invented the "whiskey root" which is whiskey and root beer, they compliment each other nicely
The falafel guy on the corner was cold as fuck so I tipped him an extra dollar today
I slammed my leg into a subway turnstile and broke my phone
Birdman and mannie fresh are the shit
Ryan bought me a why? live album for my birthday. If you haven't discovered them yet, please do. You'll thank yourself you read this far


spig said...

skegs... best post ever

stefleogrande said...

love why?

and c'mon, nicky, bam?