so wait, nobody came this weekend? (binging in brooklyn)

So pre sam champion show my car got towed. 200 dollars down the drain. If there was any excuse to pile out and drink my ass off this weekend that would be it. I was too bummed to bring my camera out Friday night, but it was fun. So fun that me and ryan threw up on cabs, and I got stabbed with a broken broom stick while rocking out to modest mouse. The next night there was a party, so why not just stay there and drink some more until then? Oh yea, you should be listening to private eyes while looking at this post, its in the jerk player.

getting intense.

private eyes

are watching you

"i've seen about 6 boobs this weekend and they've all been lg's"

greg wardrobe change #3

"sometimes i try to live the dream, but sometimes the dream lives me"

good morning.

living the dream

we sat around all day and played video games.

and drank beer and ate pizza. pregaming for the NBA all star game that we didnt watch.

i think about 6 pizzas were consumed this weekend

"this table is so dirty we should just dump it outside"


pizza throwup stayed on the table

"lg, get off of me or I will get off on you...bitch"

rocking out some more.

and then we started a band called VOF(vagina on fire). look for us in your basement and/or living room soon.

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