morning conversations

brokenstar25 (10:02:51 AM): i may not have aphone tonight
fotogny (10:03:16 AM): hahaha
fotogny (10:03:26 AM): is this alcohol related
brokenstar25 (10:03:38 AM): hah yes.
brokenstar25 (10:03:51 AM): i have no clue what it was over. but i got in a fight with a cab dirver last night
brokenstar25 (10:04:01 AM): like out of the cab fight. and he stole my bookbag
fotogny (10:04:02 AM): oh man
brokenstar25 (10:04:39 AM): hah i have no clue what this was over.
brokenstar25 (10:04:43 AM): but we hated eachother.
brokenstar25 (10:04:58 AM): but anyways. my phone charger was 1 of the many things in there.
fotogny (10:05:22 AM): haha that sucks
fotogny (10:05:31 AM): are you gonna try to call the cab company or something
brokenstar25 (10:05:38 AM): it was a nyc cab
brokenstar25 (10:05:55 AM): and no, because even though he 100% stole my bag. i have no clue what the fight was over
brokenstar25 (10:06:01 AM): and for all i know, i did something horrible
brokenstar25 (10:07:03 AM): hah he had to like go out of his way to take my bag too. it was really wierd. my bag was in the middle of the street and he ran and got it and then sped off.
fotogny (10:09:32 AM): did u wind up going to that party last night
brokenstar25 (10:09:39 AM): yea i did.
fotogny (10:10:03 AM): how was that
brokenstar25 (10:10:08 AM): ha it was fun.
brokenstar25 (10:10:25 AM): there werent tons of hot chicks. but i am still drunk
fotogny (10:10:41 AM): and you fought a cab driver
brokenstar25 (10:10:51 AM): ha yes. a heated street fight.
fotogny (10:11:08 AM): were there any punches thrown or u dont remember
brokenstar25 (10:11:26 AM): i dont remember. but there very well may have been.
brokenstar25 (10:11:29 AM): we were going at it.
fotogny (10:12:04 AM): hah wow
brokenstar25 (10:12:32 AM): you ready to drink tonibght and possibly recreate such an act?
fotogny (10:13:01 AM): hah yse most definitely

going to see sam champion tonight at bowery. peep em in the jerk player. my camera is dead so im bringing back the disposable camera. remember those things?

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