shoebee doo bap ba dow

the title to this post is from the full house theme song at end of the song, remember? well i tried. that song will get stuck in your head for days. especially when youre expecting to see the tanner residence on every corner.

so since the weather was pretty meh for the first couple of days we did a lot of this:

got to visit the slap/thrasher/juxtapoz offices though. thanks mark!

del taco>taco bell

pierce exercizing while breaking in some new trucks.

the next day we went to this street gap to death hill.

me and bj in our media stances

got her done and then headed to 3rd and army

it was glorious outside.

psych status: major

cus ripping:

shit kinda look like busta rhymes video.

next morning we woke up and i tried this polejam to fakie to almost switch hill bomb (c'mon do you really think id bomb one switch?)

whelp. beef for breakfast.

now that its 20 degrees and im inside, im regretting not doing it.

this is the wallride that silas rapes in the habitat video.

dude was chillin.

on the way to lincoln high. was really hoping to see DJ. this neighborhood looked familiar.

even the damn train stop was a spot.

possibilities for days.

building on the landing. biggest form of skate stoppage ive ever seen.

cus gettin dubz

this was supposed to be our 20 something block hill bomb to the water


lets just go to 3rd and army.

creepy weird woman filming us on the train.


dumb tired.

went to the caroline hwang show at giant robot later that night:

then we went to some other shindig at a surf shop but it wasnt worth taking photos of. mainly because it was at a surf shop. we just got free booze and bounced for a bite to eat.

cus arm update:

fun fact: cus almost got hit by a car 4 times this trip!

marshall already posted his pic but i think it deserved to be posted twice.

this coffee chop was great. my morning stop every morning. francis ford coppola wrote the godfather in here too.

somehow the tree next to the pole jam i was trying was totally burnt the next morning. scroll up and look again.

after being weirded out by this asian woman we took a hike up to ft. miley.
pierce on some where's waldo type shit.

soreness is kicking in. and then we got the boot right after.

"ayou my heini hurt"

went to needles and pens while everyone else was at 3 up 3 down.
so many zines. could've stayed in there for hours.

rich jacobs and tim kerr were showing there as well.
interesting side note: tim kerr was the guitarist for The Big Boys

pretty sweet stuff.

being our last day we decided to get one more spot in.

so did the heroin addicts.

this spot is more gnar than it looks.

housed some of the best burritos ever from the place next door.

finsished up our last night with some booze and:
yes, ghettopoly. was seriously the best thing ever.

i almost didnt believe that it was real.

3 hours of ghetto fun

next day we were outta dere. skate photons from these spots will be up tomorrow.

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shtefaneh said...

full house intro scat and busta rhymes video = lol