roll down the windows and open our mouths, taste where we are and play the music loud

so me and the other sickos are back from cali. although no heroin or shrooms happened it was still an awesome time. BUT there will be no pics from that trip for a couple of days because theres plenty of stuff to post that happened before new years eve that i was too lazy to put up.

gettin classy for bill and cus night.

classy couple.

and a fresh dew for marshall.

new cam for dfine.


cake time.

watchu rockin ?

since its been dead cold, sometimes it's best to just stay inside and eat some za, drink a bottle of wine,
and spend your night with a pretty lady instead of freezing your ass off trying to skate.


and its even better when she offers to watch a skate video. little kid status is major right here.

we also dug out charlie brown's christmas. on VHS of course.

headed to west orange later that week for some brew.
mosey boy!

good morning andy.

canned it on the train to a rangers game.

little emily's first time at the garden. she also decided to bring back the mood ring.

intermission kookage.

they lost, but we still got drunk and made fun of people waiting in penn station.

mood ring set to silly.

mmm just like a cup of coffee.

went skating with riot folk and jason beefed it hard before landing a banger. he also had one of those electric sticks of gum where if you pull it, it shocks the hell out of you. chris agreed to pull on the the piece of gum if he landed it.


as a reaction he immediately punched mike right after.

went to the 2nd nature art show after but it had already got broken up. all i came back with was a photo of this guy. he's got a blog now but i cant remember the link.

graham was home for a little while. shot some press photos of him and shape that ill put on here soon.

cake ceiling will probably be there forever.

just smashing tv's, you know, no big deal.

black santa.

villa finger update.

went back to midland and stopped at the shop to try these school bus lookin things on. was a no go.

new years eve pajama party. marshall was in full effect.

beer wing.

there's more pictures from this night to put up, so you can look forward to seeing pics of us peeing on each other in freezing temperatures outside.

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