how alive? too alive

here's the first batch of flicks from attempts at escaping the cold '08. ill post the skating photos in a separate post, too much work to make it work in one. we did all of the typcial things in LA. got to see famous spots, beverly hills, traffic, etc. for some reason i slacked on my bloggage in LA so sorry you don't get to see that stuff.

me and pierce got to the airport and was greeted by this sign. seems about right. by this time cus and marsh already had a full day of shredding venice beach in the warmth because they flew out earlier than us. bastards.

bought some plane goods. saw this balance bar and laughed out loud to my self so i had to buy it. the guy who came up with the name of this bar had to of known how funny this is.

pierce brought pat sajacks crossword puzzle. complete with an intro from pat sajak. one would think that its a friendly crossword puzzle, but a closer look...



more like perv sajak, or pat pervjak...or something like that.

FINNAALLY got to LA. never ever ever fly NWA. they're the worst. oh and they dont give you free peanuts. they have "snacks for purchase". on top of being delayed for hours that was the final nail in the coffin for NWA. the only thing possibly cool about that airline is if it were Niggas With Attitude airlines. just imagine the possibilities. ghetto booty flight attendants, complimentary 40's...

this was waiting for us when we got to the hotel. thanks guys.

since well be tanning so much i needed to cut my toenails finally.

ventured into downtown for a skate around the next night. pretty coo. but dead. tons of fresh clean and smooth spots.

the skyline is pretty meh. were spoiled over here.

toilet got worse. and on top of playing lincoln logs in the toilet there was absolutely no ventilation in the bathroom. so when you showered the bathroom got mad moist. literally. like the toilet paper turned to mushh and the walls were wet.

stayed down the street from the new culver city park. so fun. the bowl was massive. went here every morning to warm up. there was also the funnest bank spot next to it. maybe you'll see it on here in a clip soon or somethin.

and the street course was super fun too. this picture sums up the weather while we were out there. wet but not wet, and misty too. of course while we were in LA we hear about the massive flooding and power outages in sf and how gorgeous it was in NJ. perfect time to be taking a trip out west, eh?

also a common occurance this trip. group phone calls to the cunnys.

oh yea we rented a car too. shit was rill nice.

made many drives to downtown.

this spot was the funnest thing there. best benches ever.

and surrounded by water on all sides, so if your board flies out youre fucked.

we also made an attempt to eat at ever fast food joint we dont have out east. carl's jr. was the worst of the trip.

sums up our music in LA. our rental had xm radio. it came in handy and occupied us while getting lost around beverly hills and inglewood.

our decision to eat at fast food joints didn't help out our bathroom situation either.

we also went to sole tech and we all copped some es stuff. thanks scuba!

got to watch chad knight on american gladiators. poor chad lost.

woke up early to catch our flight to sf. of course the day we leave is the day it's sunny out. see ya LAter. wow. sorry about that one.

LA gas prices rival NY gas prices in suckage.

got to the airport and we were instantly bored.

cus can do inward heels when he puts his feet like "that guy" that goes to MSU and walks around like this. was that too harsh?

more delays.

airport antics:
helmet cock. i bet whoevers decision it was to put wi-fi in airports wasn't anticipating it to be used like this.

me and cus on some silence of the lambs type shit.

once we realized how small our plane was gonna be we needed to do something. searching for alcohol in the terminal was that something. shall be continued.

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