i've got a gnome in the backyard

here's pierce's photo from that chinatown spot:

front 360's are pretty hard to shoot. the colors in this remind me of london or some other rainy place. pierce is probably not psyched on this photo though haha.

to keep you occupied til i update later, watch these. If you like beirut or the spinto band I highly suggest you watch these two videos:

Beirut: forks and knives
this video is truly amazing and makes me want to sing it loud in a bar in france. zach codon is seriously one of the best song writers.

The spinto band: oh mandy
this video made me re-like this song. reminds me of being drunk in 205.

these are taken from blogotheque. i'll probably post new ones every week. there are so many more amazing ones, and all filmed so good. more cali photons soon sen.

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Stillwell said...

its 9000% hard to get psyched on myself.