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tired of the shit kinda look like titles. here's some random photos that have been lurking on my comp for the past month or so.

lighting test where shit kinda look like some gay supra ad or somethin. bj is wrapped in masking tape for some reason too.

bj took us to some ditch where pink is apparently a man color.

marsh kickflippin (right click open in new window of course)

i never get to skate during the week so i have to make due in my cubicle.

marsh preparing to do something billfecta worthy. here's the sequence of the trick he got:

(right click sen in new winduh)

psych! gotta wait for it hen. hopefully you'll be seeing it soon unless, well, you know... it wouldnt be the first time.

skateboarding makes bill pierce happy.

most of the time. (right click ophen in new window)

went to philly for mike v's 21st bday and my camera died. we did wind up on some philly blog site though. so although i don't remember it, there's some sort of documentation.

happy bday mike!

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Anonymous said...

u look like ur bowling on the skateboarddsduh