shit kinda look like slack house

here are some flicks i found from some sessions over the summer.

dowd ramped it.

marshall getting treeped

shawn back disaster

andy with a sweet tailgrab

uh oh.


(right click, open in new window to see sequence)

bowl sesh:

i think we heard this enough at midland, did we really need to see it at the bowl too?

mark with a feebs.

andrew grabbing his skateboard very tightly.

jesse needing a beer

on a sidenote, am i the only one that's greatful for this spot being done?

sure feels like it. i blame this spot for making me feel like a shitty photographer for shooting from the same angle all the time.

we can also now avoid things like this from happening:

sesh at one in the morning thinking nobody would be there, then tombo and crew came with 2 cars full. guess they had the same idea. fun times though.

and jerimiah was flipping a nice tre too.

the best part about that spot was the shred-it building next door. was great for corny photos like this:

and this:
in case you guys have been wondering why i've been m.i.a, i've been shooting an article with some sickos for focus

got rained on in jersey city, but pierce decided to do this barefoot anyway:
(right click, open in new window to see sequence)

mutated foot status on wet grip.

marshall ripping as usual.

the billfecta article should be running next issue.

until then...
ax throwers zine out soon!

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dane said...

the "shred it" photos are top notch