plus im hungry for shit

sorry if i've been passing off second hand photos as my own lately. better than nothing though, eh? there's just so many people that want to sick jerk for us. Here's some photos from the art show at Transcend skateshop from the other week. thanks Jersey Marisa.

alex duke

justin white

jersey dave

mike stimulus and tina

my shit

jp's boards were rad.

i also found some more photos from mike's 21st bday as well.

then dance party happened upstairs. once biggie comes on there's no stopping joe

i had my coat zippered up the whole night. sweat city.

mike pre-knees giving out.

sat shotty in the cab with a treep mouth

in case you wonder what skegs office life is like, here's two photos from the CCS holiday party:

after about 8 gin and tonics i can neither confirm or deny that i made a fool of myself in front of my boss. and yes im wearing a nametag.

i put some new music on the jerk player. ra ra riot is a good listen as well as deer tick. go buy their album, it's good. thanks for getting me hooked spice.

speaking of music, here's a photo of me, greg and my ska-core band from 2001. i played the saxophone

not only are drunk stiff arms fun, they make good photos too:

oh, and check out our red redheaded neglected step sister site, PREEP BLOG. the link is to the right. dew it doo.

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