i like it all that way

some more mid summer events that never got jerked:

103 degree packed car ride to nyc.

the good ol' 84 headed out to the SVA Open Studio Show to drink beer and see johnny salazs's'dfh8sdf(sp?) art.

could it be that SVA was biting the & show from a couple months back?

for visivo's self esteem's sake i'm going to have to say yes.

right when i saw this i knew it reminded me of somebody.

light art.

almost gagged when i saw this.

not because it was bad, but because it was all hair.

cloth penis and hairy vagina art.

dice art.

here's some of johnny's stuff:

i liked this guy a lot.

andrew really liked this one.

pad is still grizzly.

andrew getting megaladon!

ah, i knew it! it was a portrait of shape's asian brother!

and then shape's asian brother touched grahams butt.

you know a piece is good when you can fully interact with it.

afterwards we headed out to a bar around the corner for some foods and drinks.

lone frown attempt.

not sure where these glasses came from.

and then we ate.

and ate.

and ate some more.

diesel meat.

andrew charming johnny.

afterwards me and andy went to some ultra hip bar out in brooklyn.

you'll probably never see andy surrounded by so many expensive drinks again. yes he's drinking a red stripe.

for some reason i tried to smile with my mouth closed but just i just wound up looking like a douche bag instead.

next night, another brooklyn excursion out to johnny's.
andrew doing the megaladon. (it was shark week in case you were wondering)

almost fight #1.

guarding the hog.

almost fight #2.

"have you guys tried the hummus yet?

andrew getting megaladon still.

"have you guys tried the hummus yet?"


jesse hit andrew directly in the face with a can. andrew got a boo boo.

pre blowing it for spice.

"have you guys tried the hummus yet?"

ancient dancing ritual?

the siege of ennis.


!bonus photo!
in case you haven't noticed, every post needs at least one photo of dan v in it.

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