boatless booze cruise

some things that i miss. some of these are random, but what isn't that goes on this site?

flat city.

this is steve antonecchia.

hard to study when theres a moses on your bed.

drunk (housed, obliterated, shit faced) marshall nights were always fun.

stupit faces.

handsome furs was amazing.

aww same keyboard. how fuckin cute.

an all too familiar situation we found ourselves in. down to our last pennies, literally.

in case you can't tell, this lisence plate says "BADABNG". ahh new york plates.

speaking of plates (sorry if it's a sore subject spice), bill lost his temp plate and had to make his own.
reunion status: major

steve status: major
fuck new york gas prices.

graham bday!

"this ones for you marshall, you fuckin asshole"

we ate cupcakes.

and then everyone did their favorite mosh pit moves.

still grahams bday. pool time.

mark killin it with a butt dive.

haha. yep.

flying naked.

andrew was hungover the ext day. plastic bagging it.

ill probably put up some photos from stamford this week.

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Anonymous said...

stupidest stupit faces, stupit