Go Skateboarding Day! (Part 2)

So here's the second half of the photos, I thought I had more, but nope. Oh, I forgot to mention in the last blog that I absolutely hate shooting at the banks. It's shady then sunny, then shady and sunny, fuck that shit. I hope you enjoy these.

So when we last left off we were at the TF. But these photos are from Houston. So again with this out of order nonsense.

This is what the scene at Houston looked like. Hectic. Everyone trying to skate the bump over the can.

Rob Campbell pushing. Oh, and real quick can we talk about the size of these photos? What the fuck. I guess that's what you get for having a free blog site.

Almost scraped my lens on these shots. For all you Agro heads out there: Yes, I know these are ass shots.

Everyone else was doin it, so I followed Matt Rzeszutko on this one.

Fish-eye friends.

Media, media, media.

So that's all for Go Skateboarding Day flicks. The rest of the day was full of 40 drinking, adn trying to shoot photos on the mini with about 25 other people on the deck. No fun. Hence the 40 drinking. But before I go, get to know this:

Look out for our first art show 2 weeks from friday (july 21st) at Division East. Flyer up soon.

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