wont let another summer pass me by

trying to do my best to catch up:

absynth is interesting. not sure if its the real shit but turkeys nest has "shots" of it.

little dude working behind the counter is the shit. hes like 9 years old and his dad owns the polish bodega near the apt.


titus andronicus at mercury lounge. theyre from bergen county, right near where i grew up. awesome live show, fun to drink to.

they have 4 guitars on stage at some points. rocking.

beers for the cab home.

oh really?

naveen looks like hes gonna ralph.

couldnt tell you why or what ryan was conversing with the cab driver with, but it was the funniest shit ever. take my word for it.

rock out

beer cans are the only thing that will listen to me as of late.

pissing in the sink. the usual.

tha fuck? go to call box at 2:45. great idea.

i have no pics of call box yet (mainly because we go there when we clearly shouldnt), but picture your local vfw hall and/or uncles basement, lights on, serving popcorn and playing law and order while the locals discuss what they should cook on the grill outside. that is call box lounge and i love it. why go home when its right around the corner?

music corner is fucked.

followed that night up wit a visit to mr spice. we both live in new york town now which is awesome. this is where he lives with big tash.

thats his bed. yea with the girlie curtains. its ok, when you live with the gf its acceptable.

ayyyyy stephen is here too.

jukeboxing at holiday cocktail lounge. best jukebox near spice.

so much hapened after this but i was too fucked to take pictures.

no homoist pic haha. on the way to see broken social scene at mercury lounge. yea i done said it. broken social scene at mercury lounge. one of the biggest bands in one of the smallest venues in nyc=fucking awesome. you missed out.

ill put up vids from this show soon. they killed it basically, but the plan was to not get too drunk and drive 13 hours to chicago at 6am the next morning. you could imagine how well that went.

new thirsty tomorrow night. be there brah.

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Tasha said...

Girlie bed!! THat's the caravan of dreams my friend!!!!