the northside, L&L, and any number of crappy apartments

so when i last left off we were getting drunk at broken social scene. 5 hours later were on the way to chicago to stay there for a grand total of one day.

delirious already. "this may be the dumbest thing we've ever done"

good bye city

hello pennsylvania.

bored and looking through my car i found painful proof of why i have no money. tickets.

pennsylvania, you pretty and shit, but you absolutely suck to drive through.

stopped off at kentacohut (a kfc/taco bell/pizza hut all in one). this was their employee class of 2004.

driving is scary when theres shit like this on the road

never wouldve thought that id be so happy to see ohio out of all states.

looks appetizing but neh. put tits on anything and people will buy it.

13 hours later...

sears tower looks pretty shitty.

view from the hotel.

billygoat tavern. best burgers

chicago lookin all cute and shit

i didn't mention this, but part of the reason for going to chicago was to go here:
the L&L tavern. it's the lawrence arms' favorite bar and we drove 13 hours to go to it. its safe to say were nerds now.

old style flowing and lawrence arms and any and all of their side projects or affiliated bands in the juke box.

saw my future self inside.

back at the hotel. "what should we do now?"

"play A cup" A cup is when you use your tshirt pocket as...A cup.

follow it up with a game of "would you fuck a broad if..." and youve got yourself a great night

rain again. pretty awesome when youre going to a music festival outside.

this is the first thing i consumed all day. this is also the first post of sloppedalloverit.blogspot.com. me and dfines new blog consisting of stuff that has more stuff slopped all over it.


it was 90 degrees mind you.

living on the border of hip town, i see a lot of dumb looking people doing dumb things. makes me want to go up to them and say "hey, you look silly. just letting you know". which prompted me to start youlooksilly.blogspot.com. most of these pics are on there but this is the only time im going to really mention it so bookmark it.

you look silly.

dude is psyched to be a part of the yls gang.

saw a ton of awesome bands, but who wants to look at pics of that. hold steady was awesome so they made the cut.

attempt #1

attempt #2

there ya go

atlas sound.

god damnit.

animal collective. wouldve been one of the best sets ive seen them play if they didnt get cut short.

more hotel antics

and up the next morning to drive home. fill it regular plea....oh its just naveen.

these people are actually all going in reverse. theyre having trouble getting used to ez-pass over there.

being delirous and still drunk i thought this winnabago was named fun ender, not fun finder.

weird. remember vinny vegas?

fuckk not again. pa bums me out so thats all for trip back photons

funny how you can stop at a rest stop and find a $5.99 dvd that sums up the trip:
nah, but with john candy and isaac hayes involved you know its gonna be a good time.

my good friend tom pacific was in town. tom is backpacking around and farming in massachusetes for a little while.

went to the country club.

starring steve siberine.

haha yep.

went to see MGMT with jess and dfinest man and the line went all the way back to graham ave. for those of you who dont know that distance, it was a 10 block line with some of the worst people on earth.

like this dude.

and this dude.

due to rain and them not letting anymore people in, we went back to the apt and passed out. then me and greg got 2nd wind and went back and snuck in.

prettayy good.

photos from the roof never get old.

and the music corner is still fucked.

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