summer time and the living's easy?

here's some randoms from the summer thus far.

this is what the post parade fourth of july at m-block looked like from my window.

went out with some of the fellas to do that thing called skateboarding. falla waiting to push through the school 11 obstacle course.

this kid was killin' it.

and then he proceeded to back up into the hip as falla was skating.

beefing it or breakdancing?

bonding with the locals.

driscoll was tryin to skate too but tombo liked the bum better.

jesse hard at work giving paulo his ax's. paulo is from france and he likes alcohol and punk rock, and can also count as bill spice's french brother. he fit in very nicely as our 8th (yes, that's 8 people) roomate for a while.

"when you are the drunk it is easier to not feel it"

graham wants a whole back piece of the the over the top dvd cover.

first addition of the france chapter.

"it is better when you are crazy, it makes life more fun."

me and andy made some homemade salsa with fresh jalopenos and tomatoes straight from the backyard. the homemade beandip is great as well.

shape has been busy workin on the new g. wallace album. and from what i can hear through my wall, it's pretty sick.

gravity rides everything.

went into brooklyn to play skateboards some more and met up with kevin hayden.

kevin is becoming quite the photographer.

and i leave you with this. darren riding a bike in brooklyn. there's too many caption possibilities so ill just leave it at that.


thy widowed shrew said...

oh my goodness you fellas have such nice pictures . this is anthony villa and bill spice needs to come ride motorcycles in tennessee.......god damn it.


Rodrigo said...

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stackolee said...

Pride will vanish and glory will rot
But virtue lives and cannot be forgot